We're super excited to get started with you! Please have each member of your team do the following, in order. The earlier steps in the process help us manage our support workload as we bring people into the repository, Slack, etc.

Get Educated

  1. If you haven't already, be sure to watch the feature demo videos. We’re in the process of recording updated versions of these videos, but even the ones we have answer some of the common questions I receive on our demo calls and also highlight some of the more powerful features of Bullet Train that are time consuming to demo on the call.

  2. If you haven't already, read our article on how Bullet Train is distributed.

  3. If you haven't already, schedule a demo call. This is the best medium for us to learn about your project and get you up-to-speed on Bullet Train quickly. Please invite as many of your team members as possible, particularly developers.

  4. Once you have access to the repository, be sure to take a look at the Wiki. Some of the documentation here will highlight things we're doing in Bullet Train that might be useful to you, like the library of field partials.

Get Connected

  1. Email us a complete list of GitHub usernames for your development team so we can invite them all to the private GitHub repository.

  2. Once you have access to the repository, please read the README.md to get specific instructions on how to get started on your app.

  3. Email us a complete list of names and email addresses for the team members you would like to invite to the Bullet Train Slack community. This is the best channel to receive support and ask about potential features you need that you think we might want to implement at part of Bullet Train.

Additional Resources

The UI Toolkit Sample Sites and Sketch Files

You can browse through the example site of the UI template library. You can basically just copy and paste pieces of these pages into your views. Furthermore there is a Sketch file available for designers to work with should they want it.