When you purchase Bullet Train, we'll invite you and your team to the Bullet Train Slack community. This is our primary channel for providing support for Bullet Train. Here are some things you should know before you join.

Asking Questions via DM is OK 👌

It's totally OK to have a question you're not comfortable asking infront of the entire group. You're not the first, and this is especially common for folks who have just joined the community and also folks who see themselves as "less experienced" developers. In this case, you're more than welcome to DM @andrewculver directly.


Asking Questions in #general is Preferred 👍

The vast majority of the time, questions are better posed in the #general channel, and when receiving questions via DM, I'll usually either redirect you to repost it there or quote the question there myself and respond to it publicly.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Although I currently make a point of providing support personally (while specifically delegating other types of work,) posting questions publicly makes it easier to delegate certain types of support work in the future.
  • A number of customers within the Bullet Train community are keen to help others, even when there is nothing in it for them. 🙏 I love that this is the case, and it means sometimes you'll get a faster response when posing a question to us publicly.
  • Other customers can benefit from the conversation, even if they didn't have the exact same question or issue, which means we're providing more value for the exact same amount of effort when we respond publicly.
  • When a new feature is being requested, other customers can also pipe up to say that they would benefit from the new feature as well, which helps us properly prioritize feature development. Also, their additional feedback can help ensure the feature takes shape in the way that is most useful to everyone.
  • The ongoing public discussion helps provide a sense of activity and focus in the community, which might otherwise feel a bit anemic or become off-topic.

Please Use Threads 🙏

If you're the first person to respond to a new topic someone has introduced in #general, please make a point of responding in a thread on their last message. You'll notice this is what I do 100% of the time. This is what allows us to maintain so many parallel and asyncronous conversations on Slack and makes it easier for others to keep up to speed on all the topics that have been recently discussed.

Please Don't Use @all, @channel, or @here.

We only use these to draw people's attention to important announcements and requests for feedback, and we don't want people to get notification fatigue or disable notifications from our Slack group.

Please Remain Professional

In addition to the broader Rails community norms established by the Ruby on Rails project's Code of Conduct and the Contributor Covenant, please use common sense and remain professional. As a general guideline, I would love it if the Bullet Train community was a place I could invite my ten-year-old. If you experience any issues related to things covered in the codes of conduct, you can report it to @andrewculver privately.

That's it! Looking forward to chatting with you and having you as part of the Bullet Train community.