We sell Bullet Train to new customers for $1,450. When someone is introduced to Bullet Train for the first time by one of our affiliates, (using one of their affiliate links,) and that person goes on to purchase Bullet Train within 90 days, we share 30% of that sale price ($435) with the affiliate who first referred them.

I've heard mixed reviews from SaaS operators for affiliate programs over the years, but I've seen some real success stories, and Bullet Train has the unique benefit that all of our sales are annual in nature, not monthly, so affiliates are more likely to receive a rewarding amount of compensation for their efforts early on.

Part of the reason having an affiliate program is important to me is knowing that I can't possible think of every avenue for promoting Bullet Train, and even of the avenues I can think of, I know we'll never be able to execute a strategy for all of them.

With a $435 "Finder's Fee" in play, I think there are a lot of great opportunities for affiliates to generate a meaningful amount of money.

The only thing we ask of our affiliates:

  • Don't purchase ads, at all, in an attempt to drive affiliate traffic for Bullet Train. If you're doing paid acquisition
  • Don't misrepresent yourself as speaking on behalf of Bullet Train. Potential customers should never be looking at something you've written or created and think that we wrote it or created it.
  • Don't say we sponsor you or your content unless we've specifically discussed that. If framing your affiliate relationship with Bullet Train as being one of "sponsorship," we're definitely open to doing that, especially for content that is educational in nature, but let's discuss it first. (We have done this before and it was effective.)

That's really it! If we already sent you to this page, you're welcome to sign up! If you were referred to this page by someone else and are interested in becoming a Bullet Train affiliate, hit me up via DM on Twitter or email me.